We are created by God to give, to share all that we have.  Our faith calls us to offer ourselves to the church and the world by giving of our time, our talents, and our finances. 

Our church leadership asks us to make an annual pledge to our church.  This pledge is a way to show our regular financial support for the work and ministry of Cottage Grove UCC. Commitment to regular giving is part of our membership pledge.  We can give by putting our tithes in the offering plates on Sunday mornings, by arranging regular giving through our bank, or by authorizing automatic electronic giving through the church office.

Our tithes make it possible for us to do together what we could not do alone.  As we each bring our gifts, we can be a spiritual home for many, we can serve those in need, and we can offer care, nurture, and spiritual formation to our community and beyond.

Why Pledging?

The staff, programs and ministries of our church are supported by the faithful giving of members and friends. As we continue to grow in service to our community, our giving must grow. Regular faithful giving on the part of our members and friends is our largest single source of income. It is a foundation of our health and effectiveness as a community. Pledging allows us to anticipate our income and plan responsibly.

How Much Should I Give?

Many people in the church give based upon the biblical tradition of tithing: giving 10% of our earnings. If you are new to giving, try an amount or a percentage, and be faithful to that commitment. You might want to begin with 3% or 5% and then commit to increase by 1-2% each year.  The key is to begin and then follow through.  Many people speak to the blessing that they receive by giving.  We think you’ll experience this as well.

Will I Make a Difference?

Absolutely! The work of our church is made possible solely because of the people who give.  Even the smallest gifts make a difference – for the church and for the giver.

Together, our gifts make ministry possible and contribute to the expansive work of the entire United Church of Christ!

Every pledge and every gift makes a real contribution to our mission in our community and the world.

How to Pledge

Simply complete a pledge card. You can turn it in with your offering at church or mail it to the church.