The Cottage Grove United Church of Christ had its beginnings in 1858 when the First Congregational Church was organized.  In 1874, the St. Matthew’s Evangelical Church was organized.  The churches were across the road from each other at 70th Street and Lamar Avenue in Old Cottage Grove.  In 1963, the churches merged to become the Cottage Grove United Church of Christ.
(Note: In 1957 at the national level, a merger took place between the Congregational, Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed churches.)

The First Congregational Church was organized in 1858, but the first church was built in 1868 and now stands at its original location at 70th and Lamar.  This building is presently known as the Masonic Hall.  Pioneer English settlers from Maine and Massachusetts started the church.

The first St. Matthew’s Evangelical Church was built in 1874.  The people who established this church came from Germany, and settled in Old Cottage Grove.  That church was moved off the property in 1954 when the new church was built. 

As part of the merger in 1963, it made sense to use the newer of the two existing buildings so what was St. Matthew’s became Cottage Grove United Church of Christ. The latest addition was added in 2006 giving us the present building.

The real history of the church organization of CGUCC is made up of real relationships, real people, and real stories that have happened over the last 160 years and will continue well into the future.  Our faith is 2000 years old. Our thinking is not. Come and join with us in being a part of writing the history of CGUCC in this 21st Century.