SCRIP is fundraising while you shop. CGUCC buys the Scrip (gift cards) from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a substantial discount (from 2% – 25%) then

resells the certificates to you for regular face value. The bulk of the discount is retained by our church as revenue to pay down the principle on our mortgage. The reason for the effectiveness of Scrip is simple: our families produce revenue by making purchases they would make anyway and without spending an additional penny.


As of 12/31/2012, CGUCC has made $11,131.77 in rebates to help pay off our building mortgage. After $1,204.00 in shipping costs, that is $9,927.77 of “free money”!


To shop with Scrip, go to and set up your family account.

Use enrollment code B79185A723386.

Online you can pay for your scrip cards using PrestoPay or by writing a check to CGUCC with Scrip on the memo line and getting it to Jenn Lanz. You will find our SCRIP area in the gathering room on the large display board. Checks may be left there in the envelope provided. Don't have internet access?

Order forms may be found in this same area. Simply fill out the form and

return it with your check to the envelope provided. A Scrip order will be placed every Monday with you receiving your Scrip cards the following Sunday in church. No orders will be placed until payment is received.

Questions – contact Jenn in the office at, or call her at 651-459-1501.





Introducing Our New ShopWithScrip YouTube Channel

Great News! Great Lakes Scrip Center has just created a new ShopWithScrip YouTube channel. We developed this channel as a way for families to easily receive information about scrip and to aid our coordinators in communicating the benefits to them. You may have already viewed the new videos at explaining scrip fundraising as told by real scrip users. Now, you have a way to easily share those same videos with members of your organization.
You can view our new videos at The videos cover topics such as how the scrip concept works, the earning potential, and how easy it is to participate. Feel free to post a link on your website to our YouTube channel, or the individual videos, or present them at your organization’s next gathering. Please use this channel as a convenient way to spread the message, and promote the continued growth of your scrip program.

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